Dow /nas update


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Got a useful 70 points on the dow tonight having been whipsawed earlier, failing to get the general down trend. After that , I got in just off the botton at 11264 and got out at 11334, just a few points off top.
I've got to stop trying to guess direction around 4:30/5:30 as I go home for tea. I would have been much better off not trading at all. Still, the wins are more than the losses both in number and dollars and I'm feeling a lot more confident.Thing is, will I be able to get to grips with shorting, when the time comes?
So far I've increased my cash by around 40% in 4/5 days( with a bit of help from some good MONI trades).Still in line for my target 11350/11500.

Well Done, Martin...I am sure it will get better and better, and you deserve it...enjoy the profit :)

Nice one martin will have to join you soon on this been something I have been wanting to do for some time.

Good luck matey.