Dow Jones system


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Dow Jones System!!

Has anyone on T2W used a 'system' the forecasts the market meovement for the next day or so.

An example is - I've never heard of them but would like some views of such systems.

I have been following the Dow Jones Doctor site, and the ideas on there appear to produce results.

The idea appears to be to ensure you have reasonable funds to cope with a hefty drawdown, so once a trade is placed you simply wait until it is filled. All trades are long.



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Full of BS because to date they never replied to my numerous mails asking a few simple questions...
Sorry but its simply rude to ignore a letter or three from someone who likes your service and is interested.
That said Ed dows or what ever his name is is actually really good. Almost without exception the comments are correct. So Ed if you are reading this Well done, greatservice but could do much better interacting with your loyal readers.
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