Dow Intraday trades...

Grey/chartman - I have just recently signed up to 'ird' and I've been trying to put in all the parameters. With regard to the cci, how does one smooth it because as you say you get a lot of signals.
Chestre: don't know how you smooth CCI on IRD: On Investor /RT I have a choice of options: Simple, weighted, Wilder, exponential, least square, adaptive, triangular, etc. I just use simple over 9 periods: the default settings which appaear to work well.

Grey: have tried CCI and agree your comments about telling turns: or slowdowns in trends.

I have developed a MARKET REVERSAL marker which basically picks major trend changes (mainly works best in 1 minute charts).

It says if : RSI , CCI and Stochastics are all overbought (>70, 90 and 70 respectively) (RSI 60 for ES`Z) then market will change down soon.. within 5 candles. and if all oversold (<30, -90 and 25) reverse up. I attach a 1 minute chart for ES`Z yesterday: and where ther are several Capital As on the chart mark the reversal from down to uptrend. Buy then and the move follows...


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