DOW 7th August


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In my opinion, one of the hardest days to trade this year.

Did anyone manage a winning trade today?


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Although all three were winners, perhaps I should add that I would normally do six to 12 trades, so that does say that the market wasn't quite as easy as it usually is when there's a whopping great double bottom at the start of the day. :D


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Honoured to be the recepient of the 1000th post!


I read your reason for entry, it must take patience and years of experience to come out +53 on a day like today.

Both well done!


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I lost 3 won 3 - unfortunately the losses were bigger than the wins - will post my reasons and lessons learnt on CM's intraday stuff - only saving grace is that i got in at the same time as CM on the inverse h&s - wish i hadn't then made the mistakes wot i did :(

Been on a night out with the boyz from JPM so too tipsy to post more until tomorrow :)


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I lost 12 points today.. I shorted at around 19:00 hours at approx 9120 and it did go down but it bounced right up and as I was spreadbetting you tend to lose some on the spreads.
I was shorting on the rally's today as I thought the longer term charts looked weak.. however, just looking at the chart in hindsight, the direction was clearly up!
Oh well, luckily I got out at a good time.. :)
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