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When an Index begins to tank, how do you get it to rise ?

Came across this posting on another board.
Gave me food for thought as we are coming into the
U.S election run in.

Partial extract:-

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How much do you bet. . .
BostonBear - Thu, Sep 25, 2003 - 04:10 PM

that Kodak gets removed from the DOW soon. They'll say something about how Kodak "no longer represents a significant segment of the economy." Then they'll add a new, big, "growth" company. Remember when they kicked out Goodyear for Microsoft and Intel. Time to get a stock with more pep in the DOW.

Well ? , it is possible isn't it !
perhaps there are some candidates you would like to nominate for this heavy responsibility ?

ebay ?

Hi Bonsai

Good point.
I thought the Dow was made up of the top 30 companies in terms of capitalization, but if they can choose.....
I would put in the Chinese Tech Stocks. Should give the Dow a boost going forward.

Just my thoughts :)
the mmm stock split must be a pain for the manipulators ,
a 1% move in mmm used to be worth 10 dow points now a 1% move is only worth 5 dow points,

if they are going to chuck out kodak they might as well get rid of atat as well ,