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double6 came last in the competition before and won in the competition before that one. double6 is coming 3rd, but his own shares have taken a tumble. Though I still have faith double6 is going to be back to his normal standards and won this one.
I'll win this one again. Trust me.

Sharky - how do IO get my free level 2 and T-Shirt? Have you got any LARGE ones becasue I'm a fat b*****d !

Yes you may, maybe you should of sold all those CWV website shares when they were at the top and then you could of waited to try to get them back cheaper.

Im in Orbis, ashame I did not put all my virtual money in to, since 20p+ is definate.
Hi Logica,

Check your PMs, as I sent you one over the weekend. Send me your ADVFN username before the end of the day (as I'm off on my hols tomorrow) and I'll get ADVFN to activate it. I'll add your name to the t-shirt list, we're still getting more printed. But send me your address also, so I know where to send it.