Doing well in paper trading. Bad in actual trading...


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Interesting video. I would add to 10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success -

11. Re-package and sell trading methodologies at vastly inflated prices


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Doing well in paper trading. Bad in actual trading...

In paper trading, generally, I'm pretty satisfied
-> Last night, I put a buy order when stock spikes for today's DE stock (up 10%).

In the actual trading, although I saw the Earning number before stock spiked, for some reason, I was hesitant to make an order fast enough...

Don't know what I should do to improve....
anyone has similar experiences ?

I think one of my problems is not willing to lose money, and not risking enough if things look good.
Trading is about hope, fear, greed, joy, your psychology make up, your actual relations with family or love ones which can influence your decision making, the projection of yourself and so on and on....

Virtual trading will not bring those emotions forward and will not teach you about the real market world (YOU). It will only give you a sense of false confidence and you will probably make in the future errors based on that.

So welcome to trading, this is where you will start to learn, your honesty recognizing your emotions and be aware of them is a huge step forward, how you deal with such emotions is a personal matter.

When you trade with real money you will also place yourself in a position to decide whatever your style will relate to your personality, anyone traders goal is to find a way of trading where your executions are flawless and that fluidity is gain trough doing it.

Every trade you take despite the outcome will be a gift given to you to your way to that fluidity.
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