Does any ISA account allow to trade TQQQ?



I cannot find an ISA account allowing me to trade TQQQ (and also TMV). IG provides trading in TQQQ; but not in ISA. Same story for eToro. Trading212 and Freetrader as far as I know don't provide trading in TQQQ.

I know QQQ3 is available in HL ISA.

So, is there any platform in the UK which provides trading in TQQQ in the ISA account? And ideally other leveraged ETFs like TMV, SOXL etc. also?

Thanks a lot.
US index ETFs can only be traded with US brokers on the exchange. UK brokers only allow Spread bets or CFDs on these indices.
Though I haven't set up an ISA on T212 I can switch to that tab and apparently , QQQ5 is there. Typing "leverage" in the search box brings up a range, NVD3 etc..

TQQQ is not there, and TMV is "View only". They've been making more things "View Only" for a while. T212 were allowing things they shouldn't, which then started disappearing. Users found their positions sold without any notice or explanation. That's their m.o.!
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