Do you earn money with Forex? How much?


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willing to show all my trades

yes, I am ready to show you all my trades, I made last night $384 on the large account and $45 ont he smaller account


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yes, I am ready to show you all my trades, I made last night $384 on the large account and $45 ont he smaller account
This is great profit in my view, very diferent with my profit still in teen dollar monthly, but I am still thankful because still get earning although not in big profit


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. . .That is quite a feat. 35% in a day. (y)
Please don't encourage him hhiusa!

35% in one day usually means one thing: the trader is massively over leveraged. Along with quite a few other T2W members, I once turned $20k into $200k in a single day. Needless to say, it was a bit of fun on a demo account. People do that - and much better - on a regular basis in trading contests hosted by sites like MyfxBook. It looks mightily impressive to those who don't know how it's done and they assume (wrongly of course) that it can be duplicated with real money on a live account.

There are a few plausible explanations for making a massive gain in a single day, but they are usually one-off events and down to luck rather than judgement, such as just happening to be short the Dow prior to the shocking news breaking on 9/11. Otherwise, no one can consistently return results this good - it simply doesn't happen. And those that try always end up the same way.

If stevepayne is foolish enough to be trading real money when he made his 35%, and he continues in the same vein, then he will blow up sooner or later. It's not a question of if, it's only a question of when. My guess is that he'll make a few more boasts about impressive gains in his quest to find gullible punters and then, like everyone else before him, he'll suddenly stop posting. And when that happens, we'll all know the reason why.
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it was a good entry, and theres nothing wrong with encouraging... its a very good trading style, and its still going strong on my fxbook link which you can see
Sorry steve but Timsk is right and remember we are all here to help and advise a lot of the newcomers to the trading world here at t2 win

Putting ideas in people's head that leveraging their capital,bases to produce such results on single,trades is reckless and against the principles of good trading

Trading is about taking small % of your capital each time and controlling risk at all times .........stay in the game to fight another day.......:smart:

Look up some if the big companies that took such risks ......long gone my friend....



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I started with small amounts and trading with multiple brokers though I have made some good profits up till now and totally trading with the profits, almost all of the investments are paid back.


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Forex is a negative-sum game for small account holders. Lucky winners are possible. Get educated before risking money. You can start with this article. It shows you how some random traders can make big returns and also the adverse effects of spreads.


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yup i agree, earning comes after learning, and the process of learning is non stop, 5 years trading now and im still learning, make a little here and hope to make more :)


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my personal prejudice, being dead-set against the scammy forex world,
would be to advise anyone looking to become long-term profitable ---

ditch forex and learn to trade "proper" instruments like ES, NQ, ZB, ZN, etc
maybe the CAC and FTSE futures if you need or can only trade during European hours

retail forex is a snakeoil salesman's heaven (imo)


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Yes,You can earn money here in forex. but make sure that you have knowledge on how the market flows. It could be a way for you to create effective and profitable trading plan.


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I think not always will able they made these profit everyday, the trend market not always support decision trader, if in flat condition they must seeking best pair to traded which have higher volatile. by the way, my earning from forex always vary and only manage small capiatl so still in learning stage
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