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Good morning,

was looking at share scopes high and low for the dow and for Thursday 24 th is giving me a high of 9314,

please can someone give me the right figures and also any possible links where to get the right no's will ge great,

Bye for now
Date 2003-07-25
Previous 9 112.5000
Open 9 113.8000
Today's high 9 284.5000
Today's low 9 085.1000

I think the difference is because some data providers us the index high and low and others add up the high and low of each of the 30 individual stocks. As they don't reach a high and low at the same time, there is a difference in the numbers.
Stephen cheers for your reply.

to my understanding this are Fridays figures, please any luck that you can find Thursdays one.

Best wishes

a very good website I have found for checking figures is . You have to register (but its free) and it remembers most of your settings every time you log on.

They are far better than imo, as bigcharts can often have the high/low out by as much as 20-30 points in either direction - funny when you look at their chart for that day and see that it didnt move that far anyway...perhaps this is the discrepancy that BigBusiness has mentioned, I dont know.
Hi Genti

The reason Sharescope is out is because those figures are taken 4:30 GMT, so they have no relevance to the market :(

This website has last weeks data

Thursday 24 Jul 2003 9,196.6 9,281.4 9,106.4 9,112.5

FTSE Beater,

Sharescope use the same high/low numbers as Bighcharts and Yahoo. On my end of day version, the data is delayed by 1 day.
Thank you for all your replays,

if Sharescope gives us wrong figures i reckon is better to not put them there at all, that's also true they are one day delayed and not correct, cant imagine if they were RT,

by the way im not using any software from next month cos im using point and figure and making them myself in exel.

Here is a chart to illustrate the difference. The candlesticks are of the actual OHLC data for the Dow. The red markers are the high and low from yahoo data, probably calculated the way I mentioned earlier.


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