DJ: I keep coming back


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I'm an idiot :)

Can't control VirtualDJ with a mixer.
I need a controller.

Back to the drawing board :)


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Just ordered the Pioneer DDJ 200 for £109, plus £12 to get it here tomorrow.

I spoke to someone on the VDJ forum and this is compatible, and I can use the speakers through my computer.

Brace yourselves for some drunken messages tomorrow night :)

(Maybe even tonight... who knows!)


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Just want to give an update...
What a fucking nightmare I've had with all this...
Largely self-inflected of course!

I got the DDJ-200 controller after... i dunno... 14 days ago?
I had trouble getting the headphones to work through it because I'm a bellend.

I spoke to some kind (and patient) people on the VDJ forum and we eventually got there!
I was mixing some things up, and as a result, I was having audio issues.

I now have full control and can give this a good practice for the remaining 15 days of my free trial (giving by Pioneer DJJ-200) on Virtual DJ, before I then have to pay for a licence to be able to use my controller (free for home use using KB and Mouse).

I got drunk last Sunday night and decided to stay up to 8am the next morning, "organising" my music into categories.
I don't know what I did... I mean... it's not a complete mess, but surely I should have put some focus into organising them by BPM and not some arbitrary categories like I did :unsure: 🤷‍♂️

My review of Virtual DJ so far is very positive!
The free version gives a great gauge on whether it's for you.
They offer different skin/layouts too which I have not tried out yet.

You can take a look at their pricing for the licences, but I think they are reasonably priced.
If you are a pro who is out making money using this, then I would agree with the price.
I believe for people like me, I can pay a very reasonable 1 off fee for home use WITH controller.... I need to have a proper look when this trial runs out. But either way, I will likely purchase the cheapest licence.

@Trader333 Thank you very much for the help mate.
If I had have read some of your suggestions properly, I would have save myself time and money by getting the controller instead of the mixer, lol

Appreciate the help brother!

I mean, by getting the controller instead of the incompatible analogue mixer
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