Dividend adjustment


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I often get charged £2 or less for dividend adjustment, I've just been charged £58:98 crikey I only made £148

Didn't expect that

How do you all hold indexes?
You should be aware in advance of dividend adjustments. Most major brokers publicise them I think. Theoretically it shouldnt really have an affect on P&L anyway. The other way round it is to trade futures where divi adjustments do not apply.
The platform I'm using states dividend adjustment only happens if it's greater than 2% of the notional value, I've emailed them as I thought the notional value was the leveraged amount, there's no way the div is 2% of leverage.

Ive placed 2 future trads today so I can see if there are any costs related, the small print says there isn't.

£58 has a massive affect on p&l I need to get this sorted asap
But when you're holding a short position you will gain by the amount of the dividend adjustment so at the time of the adjustment there is no difference to P&L
Here, just now it's 21

I have a lot to learn, in the past I bought shares and held them or physically changed currency because my bank allowed me to hold it.
Now I've retired, I'm just having a play around with it, started in August with 5k and made 560 and September I've just done 1k net profit this month "though today was a good day" did 144 this morning
I have a lot to learn

Yes, and you will continue to learn. I've seen some of your other posts / threads and agree with many of your comments re historical charts, indicators etc. There are many who will disagree with me (and you) about that, but I believe more in fundamentals and what will sway the market via all types of news.

Your results seem pretty good to date, whether this is down to good fortune or a well defined strategy? Perhaps gut feel is as good an approach as any other! Having said that, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and you need to fully understand the type of instrument your are trading, and the factors which affect it. I'm of the opinion individuals should trade a very narrow range of instruments, and one of my favourite phrases is 'know what you trade, and trade what you know'. Be a specialist.
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