Well I do not sit staring at the screen for hours on end, I use audio alerts on my charting software which bring to my attention any pending possible trades. This allows me to go away for 10-15 minutes at a time, watch TV, do some house work or catch up on my knitting!
I have learnt to be more patient, be prepared to wait for the full trading session or day for the right opportunity to come along.
At the end of the day the idea is to make a profit and I am not prepared to put my dosh on the line without very good reason. Ever heard about a Yorkshireman and his money?

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lads I heard some of us r planning to fly to Las Vegas for a "trading seminar" :) we may want to change it for Finland's Lapland :)


Naked truth on Finnish business strategy:

Start with sauna The first thing I learned is that the sauna is part
of Finland's competitive advantage — one reason, for instance,
Nokia dominates in cell phones.
Most Finnish companies, even small businesses, have a sauna on the

I learned that in Finland, sauna — the Finns pronounce it "sowna"

serves the same purpose as golf does in the USA. Instead of softening
up clients during a round at the country club, Finns literally soften
them up much the way you'd soften a chicken breast by boiling it.
Finns take customers, suppliers and competitors to a wooden room
heated to 180 degrees, and schvitz with them in the nude. When the
Finns do this with a foreign businessman, they wait until the heat
makes the sauna rookie feel as if he has downed an entire bottle of
Nyquil, then they hit him up for better terms on a contract.

This is also a terrific management technique. Say you run a team of
programmers struggling to write a difficult chunk of code. In
America, maybe you send someone out for Starbucks. In Finland, you
all walk out to a hole in the ice and plunge in. Ten minutes later,
team members are back at their desks writing code like there's no


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Having enjoyed the actual "Finnish" Sauna Treatment - By a Finish Company - They bussed in the Waiters - Chefs - The Gourmet meal etc - Highest quality - Laid it all on in the Co Chalet - (big) with a walkway from the Sauna to the lake - I agree unbeatable experience (Although the light hitting of each other with branches was not a sales technique I had used before!!) - Damn cold that water but no ice! - Recommended - Z

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Thought I would share my Finnish Sauna Treatment experience with you. It was in the Swallow hotel, London a few years ago, I was relaxing in the deep heat by myself, when two non speaking blonde's entered and removed their towels, to my delight I discovered that it was their only form clothing!! :eek: :eek:

2 minutes later a guy, built like a wooden S**T H***S* opened the door :( :( , but soon left. :) :)

While I was thinking I was in paradise and hoping that all my dreams were to come true, :devilish: :devilish: this guy reappeared in this 8 man Sauna with the rest of his 20 man rugby sqaud!!!!!

The beautiful scenery and dreams I had, were taken away from me just as quick as they appeared! :(

Mr squad
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another word of common sense from Barrons. so simple and so true!


Self-Esteem: The Foundation for Trading Success
Successful traders have high self-esteem when it comes to their
trading. They are confident that their trading decisions are correct.
They are confident that they have interpreted indicators or signals
correctly and they are ready to act quickly on their analysis. When
they make a decision, they don't second-guess themselves or doubt
that they have made the right decision. They just stick with their
method and follow through, and accept the consequences, good or bad.
That isn't to say that they don't have their share of setbacks and
disappointments. On the contrary, they have probably faced more
setbacks in trading than unsuccessful traders. The key difference is
that they did not let these setbacks disappoint them. They picked
themselves up, moved forward, learned from their mistakes, and went
on to become successful traders. Developing high trading self-esteem
is the foundation for trading success. By knowing where you stand on
this trait, and raising your trading self-esteem if you need to, you
can improve your trading performance.

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which pond r u in?

just came across a brilliant piece from the other side of the pond. enjoy - it is a .bmp attachment


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