Direct Access Platforms


I currently have a Cybertrader Pro Direct Access Platform. Although it works sufficiently, I am unhappy with the fees associated with it and find it far too expensive compared to others that I have seen.

Trouble is I have no experience in how good the other platforms are and how good the companies are that run them. My original choice was purely down to joining a company that is not a 5 minute wonder and will run off with me money at the slightest hint of troubled times but is very established and will nursemaid me through the basics of Level 2 (although a couple of sessions with Nas has certainly helped).

I would like input from anybody who uses direct access and their experience of the platform they use (fees, speed, support etc).

Any feedback would be appreciated
There are a few threads on differet brokers, but what instruments do you trade? Most brokers who offer direct access specialise in certain areas or exchanges.
Many of the traders here recommend Interactive Brokers for US business, although I haven't used them myself. There is a thread on here regarding them, take a look