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Ex stock market trader from back in the dinosaur years of the mid 80's looking to trade (in a small way) the FTSE and DOW. Would be interested to swap ideas and simple strategies in order to take a turn between the highs and lows of the present volatile market conditions. Sometimes when no-one is a buyer, and vice versa, its right to have a go. I'm not into charts and all that stuff, parallels, horizontals, and converging lines, leaving it to the analysts and professionals. Just looking to trade on recent and current news items as well as good old fashioned gut feelings and previous market experiences. Anyone out there willing to talk FTSE?


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mr ziggy

I am not a chartist nor an analyst but I do look at support and resistance. The type of trading you mention I think is known as 'fundamental'. and was my only approach up until 9 months ago. I found that the markets were/are often illogical in their response to the fundamentals. Good and bad news is viewed as good but then changes for no apparent reason so that good and bad is viewed as bad. It may be that if you are a very good analyst you can find a logical reason for these anomalies, I found it difficult to.

The usa currently provides a classic example. Good news is bad because it brings the threat of an interest rate rise. Bad news is neutral/good because it makes an interest rate rise less likely. Perhaps a rise in interest rates will settle this particular anomaly but there will be others to follow.

Others on this site have said that it is pointless to try and forecast the markets better to react to price change. But I am willing to read your Ideas and discuss them with you




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Hello Mr Ziggy and welcome to T2W,

I'm sure you will find many people willing to talk about the ftse with you but you I get the feeling that you will have to get the ball rolling in the direction you want the conversation to go. Your post leaves the direction unclear (but then again i might just be a bit slow today) eg you say you dont know about charts and stuff so I take that to mean you dont want to discuss them. As far as trying to guess how people will react to news and reports, I'll toss a coin and let you know but you will have to tell me how far you predict the market to move and for how long after a news announcement. :confused:

As for gut feelings, I believe these are the little voices in your head that tell you the right thing to do when your emotions wont let you. Mine are all based on Technical analysis. ;)

ps. you may want to keep an eye on the indices forum, always chat about the ftse in there. :)


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Sometimes it is best not to read the news as it comes out(or you will put your own view on it), just watch the market reaction and trade that. Read the news later when all the dust has settled
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