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GOD!! I am bored tonight!! lets try this one....

which 10 guests would you choose for a dinner party or a night out (whichever)
5 have to be living and 5 have to be dead, also give reasons why you would chose them.... (try and put them in order of preference too!!)

I will go first.....

1. Bernard Manning (comedian) his jokes kill me

2. Derren Brown ( Mind Control C4) he is the only one i know that can perform tricks like he does, watch it on channel 4

3. Andy Mcnab (SAS soldier) i think his escapades would open your eyes

4.Avid Merrion (Bo Selecta) i would have him do his micheal jackson impression all night

5.John Lydon (AKA Johnny Rotten) very argumentitive and very good at pulling people to pieces

1. Bill Hicks (comedian) Greatest comedian that ever lived

2. Peter Cook (comedian) i would get him to do his derek and clive routine with Dud

3. Dudley Moore: as above

4.Lenny Maclean (London Hardman) his book amazed me, a right ruff geezer

5.Jack Ruby (assassin) he knew the truth

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Hi Citroen.

Interesting list and one that got me thinking :confused:

Living in no particular order: (You might notice a theme ;))

Mr.Charts - A great US trader, who puts his family above everything. You have to admire that!

HelenQu - A woman who I have the up-most respect for as a person, an academic and a trader who's path to trading has followed mine very closely.

Naz - A superb trader with great stories to tell and such a passion for trading.

Chartman - A computer genius and a man with such a hugh dedication for trading.

Skim - The best female trader, probably, in the world and a woman who has trading skills beyond belief. Hearing Skim pick market tops and bottoms in real-time is something that has to be seen to be believed!!

Dead: (Not so bothered by this list.)

Winston Churchill - A true leader

Adolf Hitler - Yes I know I've got 2 dead enemies at the table together but I would love to ask Hitler "Why?"

John Lennon - Which factors split up the Beatles

Ayrton Senna - I need to ask if he died happy

Shakespear - Just to kill him and make sure he was died. That bloke was a pain during my school life.

My apologies to anyone I've embarrassed by mentioning them, but hey it's the truth.