Different Data?


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I'm looking at DAE (demo) and IQ Feed through Quotetracker and (for instance) looking at the price on AMZN and find that there is a difference in the data series.

Not a massive divergence, just at various points, one will record a significant difference (a solid as opposed to an empty candle - or a down candle as opposed to an up candle).

The thing is , most of us traders use more than one data source: one for LII, one from our broker, one from the datafeed into our charting package...

Just how often do you record a divergence such as this and which do you trust to make your trading decisions?


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Happens all the time. With the likes of e-signal and q-charts you can even get a different "series" from the same vendor when it swaps servers. Different vendor or the same, the differences can normally be traced to the timestamps applied to the ticks/quotes as they are stored at the vendor end. High/Lows will be the same but bars or candles may look different from one server to another, one vendor to another.

I would imagine the same issues apply to level II data although I've never used it.
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