Did I really put a stop on SPT ?

Hi Sharky, Has there been a blip, or did I really put a stop on SPT @12p, remember a limit of 13.75p but no stop, or is my age getting the better of my memory ;- () lol.
Hi Waldorf, sorry almost a week late! Eeek, how did I miss this post I'll never know. Hmm, might have to let this one go this time, it was such a long time ago. If you still want me to update it though, just drop me an email with the correct exit price.

Hi Sharky, Its a bit complex, but i have only bought LOG since my early exit from SPT, if you think its ok, my limit of 13.75p would be the exit price from SPT, then all funds into LOG @ 93.25p would bring it up to date, but i'm happy to let it stand as is, i'll just have to make my run to the finish a bit earlier lol.
After further thought.....Nah! don't think its as simple as that.
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Hi Sharky, Was it something i said...... stopped out of LOG @ 0.00p and placed last in the comp. that'll teach me to complain rofl :)- 0) :D
Oh dear, Sorry Col, just spotted it now - best off emailing me directly - [email protected] - then you can be assured of an immediate response (check's his email tomorrow to find he's exceeded his size limit!)...

I'll reinstate LOG for you now..!