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is anybody out there using the deal4free web based spreadbetting platform & having problems after the update today. The Dec contracts were not put on straight away , but they announced an update today, but since this I cannot get on as it just wont load the database.

I have been on the phone with their IT section for an hour & they cannot resolve it....if fact I have been back & forth with them all day.

Has anybody else had the same problem & managed to resolve it.......if u have I would be most grateful of any assistance u can give

many thanks


Has been working ok for me. The graphing side of it looks a bit unusual though. But the database is loading fine.


did u log on via 'live logon' & was it after 10 am this morning ??

Yes, had a small problem which I suspect won't contribute much at all.

Had a weird very minor glitch with the D4F platform today .. when I tried to log in, it wouldn't let me in, saying I was already logged in and operating ..immediate concern someone else was somehow operating my account.

Rebooted, logged in immediately, sweet as a nut.

yes had thet problem as well this morning, few times.

just wont seem to load the database matter what I try & there IT section cant seem to help as either :(

my mate is having the same problem which led me to think it might be a D4F problem.........shall keep trying



I also have come across the "this user is already logged on" that FS has mentioned. This usually occurs when i lose connection for some reason and then attempt to log immediately back on without closing my browser first.

Thanks Delboy

Fudge & Del....can I ask........when u log on to spreadbet, are u getting the live prices in the 'prices boxes' on the right hand side of their homepage ?( as I am not at the moment)

& also r the DEC contracts there for the european index quarterly bets ??

JayGE, presumably those problems were resolved?

There is one other irritating little fault with the D4F MarketMaker platform; whenever I close it, it throws up an error 'DHelp error in NVDD32DLL'. Not being a computer techie, I usually reboot at this point.

yes sorted probs out now thanks,

yes MM can cause a few problems, I had many with it freezing my system up, turned out it was a Java & Direct X problem........basically I had to enable all Java options in 'Internet options & disable DirectX acceleration.

yours sound's like a different problem & not being 'techie' myself cant offer much help, but I am sure there r a few on here that could if u post details

p.s my initial logging on problem was a server issue

best of luck


Rings bells where you say "..freezing (your) system up..". I've been blaming my computer .. typically calling it 'cheap junk' when it happens, usually when I'm very busy in the middle of things. Good pointer, though.

Best regards.

probably worth doing then.

go to & get the latest 'java' applet thingy & once downloaded install on your machine. once u have done this go to 'Internet tools', 'Internet options' 'advanced'............& then scroll down to the 'sun java' & tick the box & apply( this should be just above ''microsoft VM.

once u have done this go to 'start', 'run' & type in ''DXDIAG'' & OK it. it might take a while but once it has opened up there should be a Tab which says 'display', go into this & 'disable' direct X draw acceleration..........BUT apparently this can affect your graphics if u watch DVD's or play games on your machine, but this is what CMC says causes the problems