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I live in Norway, and I wish to trade markets with more liquidity than we have here. I have been daytrading stocks for 4-5 months on Oslo SE and Stockholm SE. I still go break-even and I'm happy with my learning progress. But there are not enough trades to develop trends that can be analyzed effectivly on short intraday perspective. So, I am now seeking markets with high liquidity.

Will Liffe be a place where I can find this?

In the beginning I wish to be able to select maybe 3-4 futures that I can follow each day. They need to be constantly liquid, as I would expect the FTSE100 to be. I am going to trade only 1 contract in the beginning.

Looking at this link:
I find the volume to be very low. This was surprising to me.

It looks as FTSE100 and CAC40 are good possebilities. But it would be nice to have more to choose from.

Do I need to turn to the US markets, to get daytradable stock futures?




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If you want to trade stock futures so to speak, there is not much volume in the individuals on LIFFE as you rightly point out.

This is because most of it is done via CFDs ie contract for difference which is done through the cash market, see

Estimates of CFD volume as a % of total volume in cash market vary, but sometimes as much as 25%, and you are trading actual stock but with much less cost and you only have to put down 20-25%

Good luck :)


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Welcome to the board, sskappel.

FTSE and CAC should provide enough liquidity. If you want to trade four indices you will need to look further afield for liquidity. Dax and Eurostoxx are popular, both listed on German exchange Eurex. Additionally you have the option of e-mini S+Ps and e-mini Dow in the US

Most brokers will be able to seamlessly offer products from multiple exchanges/continents from one platform. I use IB for e-minis as do many people on this board, platform is stable and fees are cheap.

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I have currently opened an IB account, and I'm into some heavy search for the best charting and order execution tools.

I find to be good for order execution. For charting I have found Ensign or Sierrachart. I need back-fill on my intraday charts, so I will need to sign up for a double data feed. IB and one for the charting program.

It doesn't feel rigth to pay for two data feeds, but I think I need to.
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