Day trading strategies onenote document


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I'm creating a database of day trading strategies taken from trade reviews by successful traders. I plan on updating it daily with new strategies or examples of already covered strategies. You can access it here:!Ag3p10maeR_bjEr8zI1BRLgu1rUX?e=wf5foX

If anyone knows of any good traders who teach strategies or do trade reviews, feel free to share and I'll add them to the document.
I added some awesome strategies tonight from Oliver Velez. It was my first time checking out his youtube channel and he seems to be a good teacher. Plus his strategies are simple and appear to be effective. Check out the 20 MA Uptrend/Downtrend, Engulfing Bull/Bear 180 Candle and Small Candle Engulfing.
I've added a new section called "Trading Notes" for important concepts that apply to trading strategies but don't actually compose one particular strategy. For example, pivots, support/resistance levels, multiple time frames, the most important aspects of trade setups, etc. Good stuff!
Today I added some strategies taken from Jared Wesley's book Professional Trading Strategies and his youtube channel Live Traders.
I've organized the trading strategies by trader. I've added links to the youtube channels of each trader whose strategies are featured and the name of the video that the strategy is taken from is written at the top of each strategy page, so you can go to the youtube channel and find the video if for some reason you wanted more information about the strategy.
Today I added the strategies from Andrew Aziz's Advanced Strategies in Day Trading. If anyone doesn't know, he has a great youtube channel called Bear Bull Traders. They have playlists with member trade reviews in which various strategies are explained in detail, which I am also adding to the document. So far I have strategies from members William and Thor, although I'll be adding many others as well. Couldn't recommend that channel more, especially the trade reviews.