Day trading firms in Scotland?

Airthrey Capital

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This post follows the same kind of thread originally posted by JP the Guy regarding day trading firms in the UK. I notice that there are one or two members of t2w who are located in Scotland, as I am.

It seems that most day trading firms are based in the South East.

Does anybody know of any day trading firms based in Scotland?..If you do who / where are they?

If there aren't any, would you use one if one was to be set up in Scotland?
It would be easier to go round and sort 'em out if you had problems :cheesy:

I think you have misunderstood me. I am referring to trading boutiques which rent out desk-space, dealing screens, use of technology and research and offer cheap trading commissions. Basically a facility which offers the use of a trading room to professional traders, and a place where you can meet up with other traders, trade, and then go home at the end of the day.

Location is therefore obviously important.
I'm in Scotland, but don't daytrade - just to explain why I didn't chip in <g>