Day trade the Nasdaq with $2,000


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Always eager to tell people about Nasdaq trading.I have just had a chat with [email protected]

It is now possible to day trade the Nasdaq with $2,000 and 2/1 margin and trade as many times as you like, using a Nasdaq level 2 screen.Just one thing make sure you dont do more than 3 round trips in the SAME stock in any five days.Once you get that many round trips in that stock just switch to another and the same rules will apply to that stock.

Now you can daytrade as many times as you like with $2,000 just remember to switch stocks after 3 trades.
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I think its worth e mailing the gentleman mentioned above at e trade,mention that you saw Naz mention this this on t2w and ask him any questions you may have.This will make sure that you have all the correct answers at your finger tips.