D4F frozen ticker


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please are d4f user getting a frozen ticker on the middle of they screen. my pc it slows down when i log in .

Yes, I have had it since the last update. I also have problems with erratic and sticking cursor movement, delay and refusal to "click". It all seems to stem from the last update. From today's email it seems there is another update on Wed. I do wish they would sort the thing out before they land it on us.

i also send them and email and please see below the reply.
Dear Mr Aliaj

Regarding your frozen update progress bar.

Development say they will be making a few changes at 9am on Wednesday 4th June to rectify this.
Once this is done the progress bar will cease to appear on your screen whilst your logged on.

Until then we apologise and confirm that this will not affect your use of the trading software or any of your other software.

Thank you

If you have any problems at all in the future, please do not hesitate to get back in touch, either by e-mail at '[email protected]' or by phone on +44 (0) 20 7170 8205 or on 1 300 660 262 if calling from Australia.


Adrian Bingham - Walker
IT Support (London)

please would you be able to get rid of the frozen ticker on the middle of my screen.

it does slow down my PC quiet a loot.

Please for more details see attachment.

Kind rgds