Current scams and hacking threats


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Ever thought you might star in a porn video ? NO - then watch this...…......

This is why all state sponsored/big corp attempts to reduce our privacy must be resisted. He who controls the internet, controls the world. Things that must be resisted:

  • Incarceration of journalists and whistleblowers
  • Allowing unfettered access to cloud data by law enforcement
  • Allowing tracking via mobile phones
  • Allowing tracking via browsers
  • Enabling encryption backdoors
  • The bonds between govts and internet corporations
  • Allowing IoT to spy on us
  • Facial recognition
  • allowing aggregation of private data by large corporations
  • allowing sharing of private data without consent

Alas, it may be too late, the intelligence services have been harvesting us for a couple of decades already, as mere citizens we lack power individually, but if we all change our habits then the money makers may not make as much, all we need to do is maximise the precautions.

Got to remember there are thousands of years of the internet ahead of us, we are barely 30 years into the information age. What once once hailed a revolution in human communication is rapidly becoming privacy nightmare, by allowing carte blanche lack of privacy at this stage is not only disasterous for ourselves now but for future generations. We have basic human rights to privacy just as we did before the internet, they need to be enforced rigorously.

It’s a privacy emergency that must be tackled poste haste, we need a citizens tax to put it right, all donations gratefully received :p


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On the other hand there is so much crime comited via the internet that controls are needed.
Bitcoin etc. are tailor made for money laundering etc.


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Ah yeah right, ... launder money through an immutable public ledger that anyone and everyone is free to inspect.

That'll catch on real fast with all the criminals that are just desperate to be caught.



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I read a recent article about breakthroughs in using lasers to improve internet speeds.
Thats going to up the quality of deepfakes, and the greater blurring between reality and fake,

I have been musing about this, and think there is an existential threat to our society! Bear with me.
Remember when we used to be able to fix things ourselves? Open up a toaster, and see where all the wires went, and see the capacitors, resistors, etc?
Open up a washing machine, and see where all the bits went, and what they did?
How we could open up a car, and tinker with the engine?
Now, everything is just chips, and embedded software.
We seem not to be in true control over our social and technical environment.

Another thing....
I wonder if the deepfakes can be used to subvert True reporting?
If a journalist videoed some horror in some part of the world, could a corrupt government point to the wide use of deepfakes to discredit real reporting?
People are easily manipulated by visual information, as they are too lazy to read anything, these days.
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