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Anyone know of anywhere you can get fairly decent currency charts (such as Euro/Sterling, Sterling/Dollar etc) in different time frames? Preferably free :)

Take a look at this site - there are some links to follow through from there - quite good java charts , and free ....
Options - excellent stuff - just what I've been looking for, thanks for that.

dsmodi - were you referring back to Options post, only there wasn't a url in yours :)

One thing that I think it is worthwhile to note.
I have been checking the dollar/yen the last few days against the quote by cmc.
Have been amused to see that the cmc quote is inside the other quote; and this is using the spreadbetting arm of cmc.
I believe that because cmc are currency traders first and foremost, if you were using the currency arm to trade; the spread would be even tighter. (though I may be wrong on this.)

One thing about this new site is that they have a mini trading system going whereby you could open an account and trade for as little as 300$. Though, if cmc have the tighter quote...

Hi Henry,

Sorry about that - here it is again...

Take a look at this site - there are some links to follow through from there - quite good java charts , and free ...
Yeah that is interesting about CMC. Certainly at the seminar they seemed very well into the currency side of things and are keen to make more available via SpreadBet.

I looked at EUR/GBP ages ago and found it seemed to move slowly but in a nice predictable fashion within very obvious ranges which makes it easy to trade. CMCs charts really wind me up though because they're so slow, hence my looking for something a bit better!

ds - thanks muchly for the link

Yes, there is a difference between the spreadbetting and forex of cmc.
For the dollar yen. Spread is 4 points while the same instrument on the forex arm is 3 points.

I usually trade dollar/yen because of volumes. Anyone have any views on the best currency pair to trade?

Is anyone using Sierra to chart currencies? If so, which data feed?


FX Charting

There are plenty of free charts about but they are normally fed from a small handful of data people like Dania etc, basic charting is free on most FX sites and varies a little in layout (Dania is my favourite)

For advanced indi's including better time periods etc and say Schaff triggers you need to pay from $40/month for a web based version to around $80/$150 for a windows based version.

For the next technical level you are looking at maybe the Fibonacci Trader with a live data feed, surpisingly reasonably priced at around $60/month, but its like jumping into a jumbo pilots seat if used too soon.

Like other memebers have mentioned to similar questions free can have drawbacks in advancing your learning although I am sure many would not agree.


Can anybody tell me where the FX traders board is located or where their threads tend to be? Thanks I am new to the site.

We don't have a specific board for FX trading, but get yourself going on the Active Trading board.
Welcome aboard.
If there's lots of you out there who trade FX and the FX postings warrant it, I'm sure Sharky (our webmaster) would consider setting up a FX board. But, until then, ChartMan's suggestion of the Active Trading board is the best.
Also try Free to register. Good, real time, continuous uodate Java charts. Plenty of indicators/ time periods etc