Ctec (nasdaq)


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Does anyone have a view on the above stock......all responses gratefully received. Chart most welcome

Many thanks

My input is this.

A low volume stock with bad ECN participation,hardly any after hours activity.Large price increments on island.Run by a primary and secondary ax,who are (NITE) Nite securities and (BARD) Robert Baird.These guys trade 1/3 of the stock and they without doubt are the guys that move this stock.

Difficult to day trade but you cant argue with the interest in it for the last few months.More of a stock to take a position on for days or weeks,rather than short term trading.
Purely from a TA point of view, looks to have been racked up to 23$, presumably on news (? like PTH) and is now back to ( almost) where it came from at 17$...Can't go back any further with my RT chart, sorry(17/12/01). There is some positive divergence, so this may be the bottom, or close to it.


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The daily chart shows a cracking run up from 4 to 26 since April, and it looks like it got ahead of itself. The trend on the Logscale chart is plain to see, and it looks like the next few days will be critical, as the long term uptrend is tested. Both RSI and Stochastic show that Ctec is in oversold territory, but the support of the uptrend is key, imho. A close below $16 in the short term would be bad news, as this would break both the uptrend and the December lows, and of course we have already had one new lower high from December, so a new downtrend may have started.


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Many thanks for your responses. The stock closed up 12.18% last night Tuesday, but in the event I didnt buy!!!!

Good luck and profitable trading to all in 2002