CryptoCurrency Scam Adverts - Post Your Experiences Here


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Since lockdown I have been lucky enough to be getting a deluge of spam emails mostly from Bitcoin scammers. Some are comical in fakery and I thought it would be good fun for anyone to post some of them here. Here is the first and I will post more as they arrive and notice how the scammers couldn't even get "The Sun" newspaper spelt correctly:
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Student Reveals How He Earns More Than £40,000
Every Month Working From Home

Bitcoin is on the rise 📈 - Open now. 😍
And another where the statement that it is not a high pressure sale is the exact opposite of what it is. I just missed out on this as I wasn't able to get to my email in the 15 minute time scale that I was given to reply.
Bitcoin's price is higher than it’s been for 2 years
Earn thousands trading on Bitcoins

Now we have Ed Sheeran and Graham Norton more interested in Bitcoin than their previous careers :)

You've been chosen to make thousands

If you've not done so already, have a listen to BBC's "The Missing CryptoQueen" podcast series about the scam that was OneCoin. It's gripping stuff.
I am now being offered free Bitcoins and notice the grammar isn't right. Can it get any better? I expect so :)

The fourth one today with the typical pictures of yachts and pretty ladies.

Interesting thread, thanks. If Ed Sheeran's in then so am I.

Actually I don't want a yacht but if I do sign up can I just get the pretty ladies?
Now it's James Corden's turn to make us all rich along with Graham Norton (again) :)

James Corden made millions simply doing this
CLICK HERE please!

Another celebrity quits their business to do Bitcoin and this time it's Jason Statham :oops:
We can all become millionaires and it is guaranteed with $13K in just one day. I wonder if anyone who falls for this rubbish wonders exactly where the money comes from?
........ and there's silly old me, earning my crypto's the hard way with proof of work, one minuscule fraction of a tiny share of a share at a time. :cautious:

But to think I could be mega-rich overnight if only I could get in on one of these schemes scams.


As to why anyone with more than a dozen or so brain cells gave any money to the missing crypto witch from OneCoin ...
... well perhaps their blood was mostly flowing to their smaller head.

More garbage from the scammers.
Unemployed Dad makes millions from home
Your chance has arrived!
Another classic with CNN Live now helping us all become Millionaires.
Bitcoin Is Making People Rich & You Can Become The Next Millionaire...
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Clearly interest in becoming a millionaire and Bitcoin must be losing steam as the message I posted on June 11th where only 3 copies were left are still available 12 days later.
Trade bitcoin without having to buy bitcoin and earn $13,000 in 24 hours 😍
Invest in bitcoin now before it's too late

Someone must have asked for a refund because there are now 4 places left when yesterday there was only 3 :oops:
Who is Steve Banks anyway?
People Are Earning Thousands Every day! Why Not You? 😳
Hurry Up! Only 4 Spots Left! 👇
Apparently the Banks and Government are desperate to not let us know about this. Who would fall for this rubbish?
The latest scam email is a direct insult to Binman and notice how the text is not correctly configured.
Binman makes half a mill overnight with Bitcoin!!
I was waiting for this one as I had previously heard about it. The original classic with Jim Davidson: