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Crypto investments still could be interesting, even despite current situation. ICO investment is something like fundamental-only trading, as you have no charts, so you need to make a proper research and collect all the information available. You can also invest in existing cryptocurrenies, but in such case you should keep in mind that the probability of huge movement is low.

While investing in cryptocurrencies you should always remember about back holders - those who bought that crypto earlier and now just wait for the moment to sell it. Their sales could prevent the uptrends appearing.


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Go to BitMEX or sign up with fx brokers like Hotforex, Excess they offer quite high leverage and short selling as well.


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Yes, I have invested in cryptocurrency and earned much money through the same while sitting at home even if you do not have any job or skill, just visit cryptolinks where you can get many information about the trading
Really? Is that the best you can say for funneling visits on your site?


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I wanted too a few years ago but already at this time it was expensive as damn hell to do just anything with that so I simply lost any hope to this crypto anyway and recommend you to stay away from them completely and totally. To make really big money you need to be here as the first person and nothing less than that. Who would invest now like $12k or something like that even in one BTC ? And for how long it will happen to rise ? It's time to sell now if you bought them long time ago.