Crack Spreads?


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What are the trading and price ratios for the listed crack spreads on ICE and Nymex?

I can only find resources for things like the 3-2-1 spread. But I'm only interested in the ones that are listed and tradable as listed products.


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This should not be legal either, probably better bet to trade in the vice.

Crack Spread
$/barrel crude (42 Gallons) 1000barrels
$/gal HU & HO (42,000 Gallons)
3*cl 2*rb 1*ho
Spreads for price calc
HO*7.22-NG (trade 1NG to 1.7HO)
RB*42 - CL
HO*42 - CL

Trade is 1:1 contract for contract in HO/RB vs CL

Cracks now traded on platfrm as products in own right.
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