Could someone help me to start with trading from scratch?


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Name: Mees
From: The netherlands
You would be me very gradefull
How old are you? You have to be aware that even the best stock traders (Soros, Buffett) took 10 years to learn the game. Takes that long to build up the experience. Don't trade any dodgy derivatives and DON'T spread bet - all spread betting companies are criminals. Just trade straight stocks. Go with a reputable broker. You don't need a mentor - teach yourself. Be aware, almost everybody who claims to be a trader is a lying psychopath, this is a vicious game and the vast majority of so called traders are either clinically insane or just downright crooks. There is a whole get rich quick industry wrapped around the game and you have to negotiate that as a newb...long story short: it takes 20 years to get rich, always has, always will, if you feel the need, trade stocks, trade long term (weekly/monthly bars) and sort your personal situation out in the mean time, don't be expecting to live off of this any time soon. Lots of assholes will tell you differently, listen to them at your peril. An excellent book for a kick off is "Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard" by Mark Minnervini. Learn about moving averages and Japanese candlesticks on Investopedia. Look at for technical analysis and use for fundamental analysis. The whole game's simple really but it takes a long time to click. Hope that helps!
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use babypips to load up on forex knowledge .....

BUT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THE TRADERS THERE .....they are a little predatory to say the least

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