Conning a conman - nichols on israel


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Move over baghdady et al. An excerpt....

"At the London Safe Deposit Company, Nichols passed a retina scanner and a clerk led them to a large walk-in safe.

Nichols pulled a box from the wall and removed a blue shoulder bag. Inside was a metal box, crusted with rust.

Bearing the Federal Reserve seal, the box was heavy, as if lined with cement. Nichols handed it to Israel.

‘It’s rigged with explosives,’ he said.

‘If it’s not opened in exactly the right way, it will blow up and you’ll be dead.’

Israel placed it gingerly in a safe box he had just rented from the clerk. Nichols then opened a smaller deposit box and handed Sam a video-cassette recorder.

Inside the VCR was a copy of the Zapruder film – the ‘real’ one, he said, which showed who killed President Kennedy."

haha, all true of course.

Samuel Israel: Staged murders, bogus London traders, million-dollar deals | Mail Online
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