Conferences / Seminars

May 23, 2011
Does anyone know if there is much in the way of respectable conferences or seminars in the trading world?

I'm not talking about attending a weekend course which is simply a hard sell for a product or trading programme, I mean a genuine, informative environment to learn and meet like-minded people.

I know that meet-ups are organised now and then, but I'd quite like to get away from the screens once in while and go to a structured event with talks etc. And have an excuse to travel :)

Has anyone attended any of these that haven't been someone begging you to get your wallet out at the end and part with thousands....
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May Li

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Feb 2, 2018
Hi, I am trying to find something exactly like you described. I am living in Wales .Could you let me know if something like this can be arranged and I will seriously consider it.