Commodity/ currency trading books


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Can anyone recommend a bible or good book on Trading commodities & currencies please?


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The best book on technical analysis for both markets is the popular-

-- Intermarket Technical Analysis [0902] by John Murphy

There's a Reuters Training book for commodities

-- Introduction To Commodities, Energy & Transport Markets - Reuters Financial Training

but it's a bit dry. Better is

-- Commodity Futures & Options

Then there's zillions of books with titles like "How I made a million dollars..." from small publishers.

having said, there is a book titled

-- How I Made $1 Million Trading Commodities

by the very respected Larry Williams, that is actually good.

A personal favourite is

-- The Professional Commodity Trader

not that's it's the best 'how to' book, but it's by the famous Stanley Kroll.

A list of all commodity books can be found at-