Coming in from the cold

He’s back alright but I am not sure for how long, I know he is getting pretty fed up with people like markmc.(n)

Yes, the negativity of some people is awful at times. :( I just hope that Sefty isn't reading this every day.
Mark, you really should try to have a more positive outlook in life. Why not be happy for Sefty, and wish him good fortune?

Or consider that you might be being wound up...:whistle:lol:

Its a bit hard reading your posts to distingush between idiocy and smartarseness
Howdy folks remember me,

Yesterday i actually moved into profit for the first time in 3 months. Took a real loss and had to work very hard to pay it off. Looking forward to trading with you all back in the room as often as work will let me.

Yours Sefty

Sefty, the member who keeps on giving long after he's gone...:LOL:

Yes and the biggest shame of it all is that traders like SEFTY WHO REALLY KNOW HOW TO TRADE get chased away from this site. This is a recurring pattern on T2W. It makes me very upset.

We are then left with just the lulzy members and other members looking for answers and wanting help. There is no one left to help.

I cannot blame good traders like Sefty, they do not need to hang around here taking the abuse.:confused:
Good Morning
I like to pop in every ten years or so to see how your all doing.
hope that Doc, Iceman snarky and all those from the early 1990s are doing well. I'm sure there are many more from the old city site still around that I can't recall. I still trade the DJIA and still use the same strategy that I posted back in the old days. Try not to watch the charts to closely or you'll spend your whole life saying "I knew it was going to do that" It is a risky business so set stop losses but don't be afraid to trade. Over the last 20 years trading has given me a very nice extra income. bigger house, lovely holidays and in recent years my own yacht.
good luck to you all
Its nothing about bringing people down ,you are encouraging a poster that posted that 10 years ago and hasnt posted since Dec 08 .

My initial post was referring that its such an old thread that was resurrected in error and other people then informed them it was so old ,you come along and post encouragement

Do you honestly think Sefty is after reading that now .

I stand corrected :)
I hope those that were "like, totally hating on" Sefty feel suitably ashamed of themselves.
I hope those that were "like, totally hating on" Sefty feel suitably ashamed of themselves.

Dear Jimmy
Thanks for your support but no one hated on sefty. I realised a long time ago that you can spend a lot of valuable time mucking about on sites like this instead of getting on with trading and more importantly spending money. So trade and enjoy the money you make.