CMSs: Joomla any good?


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Need a new techie challenge.
Want to learn a new product to mess around with.
have read that Joomla is a very good CMS, more functional than Wordpress.

Any comments?
Any recommendations for a CMS product? Something with a good balance of basic product/extensions/functionality/knowledgebase.



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It depends on what you are doing. If you are writing blog posts then nothing does a better job than wordpress. Joomla is better for a more full featured content portal. I've only ever found it useful for larger projects, and in those instances I always found it better to just use django or rails to write it myself.

It sounds like you are familiar with wordpress. What do you want to do that you feel wordpress isn't effective at?


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more out of boredom than anything else.

Yes, am familiar with Wordpress. And Dreamweaver. And SEO. Have done a couple of e-com projects.

One of my next challenges is to write a mobile app (yes, I've been watching The Apprentice).
All this just for the hell of it. Something to stretch my mind.

One of the main reasons for CMS, is that these days I feel less interested in the gee-whizz tech side, and more in the value of the content of sites.
Am doing some occasional web-content management work for a couple of local companies, and I find it enjoyable.
I know thats vague! Perhaps I need to get myself a definite project to sharpen my requirements?


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blast from past!
I am a WP fan. Been a while since I last looked at this subject..
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