Clocks Going Forward -- Problem


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My 1minute ftse chart starts at 7am (now 8 of course) and the 10 minute chart only started at 9! How do I sort this out?


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Go into ; File/data source settings/time scale adjustment.

in the box change 5 to 6.


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Like this.


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I've got problems too with the daylight savings, my YM chart started an hour early. I've tried the amendment suggested by Boy, didn't work for me. Any other IB / Sierra users who can help please


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Try going into F5 and see if you've set the start time. If you have bring it back an hour


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Olwenh,thanks for reply. If I alter time for today, it automatically starts/finishes all previous days at that time. Do you use IB/ sierra and trade US markets yourself ?
There must be an IB/Sierra user who can help, or is everyone else like me, fiddling around and getting nowhere?


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I trade the US. Its just a case of waiting this week out I'm afraid : The Yanks jump forward an hour at the end of this week.

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