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What is the difference between a million, billion, and a trillion??

Calculated against seconds for ease of conceptual comparison.

Currently - Jun 2023 - the US Debt is 31.95 trillion : source - US Treasury Department (.gov), Fiscal Data

Watch video and do the math to calculate 31.95 trillion seconds conceptual comparison

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Total US National Debt visualized: pre and post-Covid
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Prof. Antony Davies: America's Debt Visualized
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No Place To Place——The Wonders of Shared Bicycle Graveyards in China

Thorn was born in 2012. Co-founders Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had learned about the issue of child sex trafficking .....

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Comment: While embracing all faiths and cultures I remain, with the exception of legal requirement, independent* of all faiths and cultures.
* independent: free from outside control; not subject to another's authority.

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These statistics are widely available but disgracefully ignored by folk who want to show off their self-righteousness by appearing green.

It's very annoying to be told by people in the media that British people should fly less - when air travel makes up about 2% of global emissions. So if we cut half of UK air traffic we would achieve maximum potential reductions of 1% of 1%.
Britain Is Building A Massive New Super Mine That Nobody Has Heard Of