Classic Level 2 Montage

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Oct 22, 2017
Hey everyone. I've been using DAS Trader Pro and need to switch to something free right now. What are my free broker/platform options for having a classic level 2 montage window like the attached picture?

I know SureTrader is available, but they seem kinda sketchy. Wanted to see what my other options are. And if none are free what are my payed options?

So far DAS Trader Pro for ~$150 a month with IB (that has a 10k min)
Jul 7, 2014
Limited options if a UK resident.
Suretrader Pro is £104 per month and you can open account with $500 min. Think web access is possibly free? but not sure what you get with that as never tried it.
IB is min 25k?
I use both and never had a problem with either broker (yet)...