CISA certification interview questions answers


The world of Information technology has changed the way the world functions, and it has constantly worked to make our lives easier and efficient. If you take a look around us, we can see that technology has truly served its purpose. We are dependent on technology for some reason or other, and our life completely rotates around the usage of technology. Starting from our day to day activities to our work in an organization, everything is based on the usage of technology. Technology has truly changed the way of living, and it has broad and the ideologies of efficient and easy working.

Role of IT in an Organisation

Most organizations completely function by the usage of Information technology these days, and information technology is considered to be the backbone of modern-day management. Conventional methods of management of completely been replaced after the arrival of Information technology beneficial and helpful in comparison to the previous working methods in the management. We see the technology is widely used around a lot of organizations, and this is done as technology provides a wide range of advantages experienced by organizations that provide it with such large acceptance all around the globe. The advantages provided by information technology to organizations are not just limited to the executives, but it is also experienced by the employees working in the organization. The list of advantages is extremely long, but the biggest advantage provided by information technology to organizations is increasing profitability. The Information technology sector boosts profitability by reducing investments in the organization. If you take advantage side of an employee is the biggest advantage of information technology is mobility in work, which allows a professional to work from home, yet the professional is able to produce equal efficiency at work.

Auditing in Information Technology

There are various companies in the Information technology sector, and one of the most crucial components among them is auditing. Auditing basically refers to a valuation of financial figures that are operating in the Information technology sector in the organization. This might seem simple, but it requires a lot of knowledge and skills for a candidate to be a professional auditor for an organization. There are various certifications that are provided to a candidate who wants to have a certification in auditing, and one of the most prestigious certifications is CISA. CISA is that which is used for a certified Information Systems auditor.

The professional mostly audit the systems and information technology that operate in the organization. To be had as a professional in your organization, the professional needs to have proper certification of CISA, and he needs to go under an interview.

Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What do you thinks are the roles and responsibilities of an IT Audit Professional?
Information technology auditor has a lot of roles and responsibilities in the organization, which include evaluating any format of risks and add racing any kind of auditing issues.

What are the advantages of the CISA certification?

The CISA certification is considered to be one of the most prime certifications in the field of Information technology audit, and it holds a lot of skills and knowledge which are possessed by the certificate holder. The professional and having a certification has the ability of expertise in any format of market auditing. Professional certification is most likely to have a larger scale of tactical skills, which is essential while working in the organization.

End-user involvement is essential in which phase while developing a successful business continuity plan?

The involvement of end-users is extremely crucial in the business impact analysis phase, which allows a professional auditor to successfully develop a business continuity plan.

Which of the indicators is extremely important while evaluating the effectiveness of biometric systems for organizations with great security requirements?

The false acceptance rate is the most important performance indicator which provides the most required data analysis to the professional.

Which are the most effective cryptography options which are performed by organizations to increase the overhead cost?

Along the asymmetric encryption key is used to increase the overhead cost to a great margin.

These are a few of the most important interview questions which are asked by the panel to the candidate to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the professional. The interview might also include several questions like the qualifications and other credentials which is held by the professional.
if you were in an interview and if I were to ask what is the role of the IT Audit professional, and the answer you gave to me was, there are a lot of roles. I'd immediately ask you to elaborate. "alot" wouldnt be an acceptable answer to me. id expect something a little more specific wouldnt you in an interview
I received a certificate of a certified IT auditor in 5 hours while taking exams at the ISACA organization. Having gained 780 points out of 800 possible, I immediately went to celebrate the victory over myself. It was very hard for me to feel this, but when you get something for which you move to another country, alone, it's worth it. A true owner of CISSP must be very well versed in all modern trends in information security, and primarily in the field of information security management. The applicant must be able to think in terms of "vulnerability", "risk", "countermeasure". The experience of administering information security tools or hacking computer networks (ethical, of course) will be indisputably useful, but during the exam no one will demand to remember any specific setting or command of any system, since certification does not depend on any vendor. I`ve only found out PMP training courses, I wish everyone success in their work and exams
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