Check out this system returns (20% compounded)


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Mar 16, 2018
Hi Guys

I recently developed a trading system for futures and the returns have been attached. Have been engaging with some guys who view the returns highly attractive. I want to do a live trial on 1 or 2 markets buying 1 or 2 contracts to prove the concept. However, i would like to engage a trader who is liquid enough to facilitate this ($5000) since am not liquid atm. If this is something interesting to you send me a message and we can also continue this conversation on skype... am sure you may have multiple questions..(y)


Apr 30, 2018
Hi Jones...If i may ask what specifically would u want details for??? Is it something u can be interested in??
If you want someone to be interested you need more info. You need to show some monthly performance, number of trades, drawdown etc...