Chat Room Browser?


Anyone know how to log into the forex chat room via a web browser? I'm behind a firewall so the java based clients won't work. I'd need something relaying the chat over port 80 using http. Don't mind if i can't write (it's polite for new folks to listen only for a while anyway).



If you're running behind a firewall you might be better off installing MIRC as an application and running that : it has firewall settings you should be able to configure to your needs.

You can download MIRC from

Someone has probably said all this before, but

To set it up to connect to the FOREX room,

When it tries to connect, there's a list of servers, and an "Add" button, click on this

Enter as description Othernet

IRC server

Others as default

confirm, and enter your preferred nickname on the page, then ensure "Othernet" is selected from the list of servers

then on the irc\perform tab on the left hand side add the following to "On connect perform the following actions"

/join #t2w-forex

Then try to connect, with any luck you'll be able to see the room now *and talk* if you wish


I have started to use the chat rooms via the web based java interface, but it seems a little slow. Are there benefits to using the mirc application? And are there any virus or spamming issues that you need to be aware of?

I have heard about spamming problems via Instant Messaging, and wonder if mirc is the same kind of application.


Just bringing back to the top..
Any ideas as to the vulnerability of mIRC to viruses, spam etc?
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