Changing career to be a trader.


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Well that's things off to a great start then.


Btw, funnily enough and I don't know why, but for some reason I always thought you were a Yank.



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Chapter 2 - the long years of dentistry and disillusionment.

To begin with I quite enjoyed dentistry.
It was satisfying putting people out of their misery (oops, meant pain) and sorting out their problems.
I felt useful and was contributing to society, doing a bit of good, helping people and being paid reasonably.
I saved hard, bought a house and saved towards a practice of my own which I duly bought a few years later.
Gradually over the years I became disillusioned with the responsibility, regulations and pressures of it all. Dentistry wasn’t intellectually stimulating or challenging. It became a dull grind (sorry), repetitive like many jobs I guess.
The patients seemed to change with the way society was and is changing. Instead of the politeness and general pleasantness of the early years, people became less appreciative and more demanding.
When I advised them of their treatment options and gave my advice their attitudes changed over the years into demands for unsuitable treatments as of “right”. As NHS fees rose with successive governments, resentment seemed to grow with it.
In 1992 the Tory government with Ken Clarke as Minister of Health imposed a new NHS contract which cut earnings and made NHS dentistry in high cost areas like the South East almost impossible to provide without serious compromises on quality of treatment.
I wanted to provide high quality dentistry so took the plunge and went private.
This meant I was able to still provide good caring dentistry though some patients were decidedly hostile. After a while things improved, but I was still left with the same disillusionment.
I felt I was over qualified and couldn’t really do anything else, until the Thatcher privatisations sowed the seeds of trading for a living in my mind.
It was the beginning of a journey into real freedom.


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Mr C...thanks for the updates.
Entertaining stuff...
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