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Because I was also suspicious like you still are.! Like any new system ( and I have tried many but not impressed by most)you always start small like any serious trader would tell you. Learn by your mistakes , test the system , compound your winnings until you have gained confidence. This was my starting amount, not my current amount!
This realy is the end of this -enjoy the week end !


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Thanks for providing the email address above. Still not sure whether this is a good company or not but theres no harm in dropping them a line.

good wishes


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I see you are long CELL and CHIR and that you are holding the positions overnight. I have to say to you are you mad ? Have you seen how much the Nasdaq stocks have been gapping both up and down this last 10 days ?

Some have gapped by as much as $14 with others gapping $10, $7 etc I would argue that it is a total lottery at the moment to hold overnight positions. Personally I just wouldnt want the possible risk of losing 1,400 points but it is your decision.



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Hi Paul, I think you must have crossed wires when you say you see I am long CELL and CHIR as I am only long on one , it's called
CELLTECH CHIROSCIENCE and is listed (CCH ) in the FTSE 250 LSE you can see it if you look on Finspreads under the FTSE250 under C . The CSI feed and software covers all markets, Shares, and 72 world futures Commodities and all the world Indices it may come from the USA but you can still use it to see the London Market . I Have a moving stop on it 1/ 407.4 2/418.4
3/435.4 4/441.4 and the present stop no 5/ at 444.4 I do not think I'm mad as in the the last 2 years I have opened and closed 1,115 Spread Bets ( I keep good records ) with real money NOT paper trades and I have not gone bust, but made profits. Regards Twiglet


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I unreservedly apologise, my excuse is that it was Saturday evening with a few glasses on wine in me. I obviously didnt read it properly and thought you were trading Nasdaq stocks which you were not.



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schoe/numspar/Trader333 - could you perhaps throw some more light on why you have negative views on the CFTR offerings?


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For me it started with the advert in The Mail on Sunday that said
"Who Else Wants to Make £12000 per week on FTSE and Dow" The implication is that this is easily achievable which it certainly is not.

There is also a simple method of knowing if these "too good to be true claims" are just that. If it is that good everyone but everyone would be talking about it and everyone would want a piece of the action.

The discussion of how successful CFTR is across all trading borads is deafening by its absence.

Also if you could make £12K a week spread betting why waste time developing and then sell a system at all ?



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I went on the course and sat in an untidy bedroom at his house in front of a computer to be shown gold bars that were supposed to show institutional selling or buying in other words VOLUME!!
After spending a fortune for the dubious pleasure of being shown this I then had to spend more money to buy some software which doesn't work and to be sent levels which are supposed to be a buy or sell signals on the indexes(for another fee!) I can get better more valuable info from free sites on the web. I have been on a few courses and this in my opinion was by far the worst value.I am not going to say anymore because people will disregard my comments and still go and waste their money. Oh yes before going he gave me the phone number of the chap who is supposedly earning the £12000 a week he was rude and unhelpful and said he used a variation on the system and stayed up all night trading! I was still gullible enough to go! If trading was as easy as knowing preset levels to buy or sell before the market opens then we would all make money the market reacts to news and sentiment this is not measureable using any software in my opinion.


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schoe - thanks for the reply - can I just ask how long you traded the SignPost signals before deciding it wasn`t for you, and did you trade all their list of indices/commodities/currencies or only the indices?


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could you explain a little more about CSI and where you can get details - a link or web address perhaps. Is it expensive?

Many thanks

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That Tandy guy, what a shill.

Folks be wary of anyone who tells you they used to be a 'city trader'. And even if he was I find it very very strange that on quiting his job he buys a crappy system and then makes far more money.

All these system sellers are without doubt selling dreams to the unwary.

I love this board trade2win because it doesn't take ANY prisoners with the sharks and shysters out there. Well done everyone and let's hope that we can prevent a few more undeserving people from giving the cheaters any of their hard earned money.

The best advice that's been given here to the newbies is to open an account with someone like finspreads, deposit a few hundred pounds and trade FTSE or Dow with 10p a point. Also read around the web because you can get most if not all the information on TA and charts for free.

Good luck.


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Prisoners? :cheesy:


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I bought and attended the Gold Bars service a few years ago when it was a one-to-one tutorial.

I was not really that impressed, and would not recommend it.

The guy teaches an entry signal and nothing else. The theory behind his entry signals is very feasible, but that's all it is - an entry signal and nothing else.

He tells you WHEN to enter the market and that's your lot. No teaching of exits, money-management, stops, profit-taking, position sizing, etc.

It's just an entry signal - a very expensive one. You're best devising your own.

Hope this helps.
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CFTR Associates

Has anybody out there had long term experience of trading with CFTR Asssociates' Signposts System. They claim 80% success, but that could mean 80% small gains, 20% stopped out. :confused: How good is the system and would you recommend it?

I know some people did not like his course, but what I want to know is, is there 'proof of the pudding'?




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I can't answer your question I'm afraid, but I have attended the CFTR course and I agree 100% with damianoakley. I was new to trading at the time and forked out a lot of money for the course and subsequent software / datafeeds etc. and got myself into a right ol' mess. After losing around 50% of my capital, I decided not to rely on the holy grail magic systems offered by others and get to grips with the subject of trading and formulate my own ideas. Of course, this is an ongoing and very time consuming process but, gradually, I am beginning to reap the rewards for my efforts. For people new to trading and still green about the gills, I'd recommend strongly that they steer well clear of CFTR for precisely the reasons given by damianoakley. Without an exit strategy, sound understanding of money management and position sizing you WILL lose money - guaranteed. Been there, done that, bought the T shirt etc. If you're a knowledgeable and experienced trader, you're unlikely to need or want this service or others like it. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.
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