CFD`s Selfridges The Times


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In todays Times there is an interesting article about CFDs ,Selfridges, the father of one of the take over candidates, and Cantor Fitzgerald.

Apparently the father has been dealing heavily in CFDs in Selfridges and Cantor Fitzgerald have (after the event) had to publish an apologetic press release.

The problem seems to be about voting rights linked to the CFDs. My understanding is that if you buy a CFD then you do not own the underlying share and hence have no say in the voting. Cantor Fitzgerald will no doubt own Selfridge shares as a hedge. Whilst divis will be handed over to the holder of the CFD I did not think this extended to voting.

The whole thing is really over my head. I wonder whether anyone out there can provide an explanation and/or any thoughts.

More likely the problem is the consideration of insider dealing...... very easy to hide with CFD's as you don't own the underlying stock....and your name desn't appear on any "official " bits of paper i.e share certificates that can be traced....