CFD and Trade4free


I keep looking at the potential for shorting without taking the leap

Problem is I know I don't know enough!

Anyone got any experience/tips they are willing to share?

1: don't over expose yourself.(!)
2: Play with 100 cfd's till you can get confidence up. That equals £1 per point up or down
3: Print all your trades out or write them down so you know what is "open".
4: close all trades before 4:30!
5: put in place auto stops on long or shorts to mechanise sells/covers. Takes all the emotion out of it.
6: Decide BEFORE entering,your STOP and your PROFIT.When you get there ,bank the profit!The stop loss will be automated so you don't have to think about that one!
7: Don't worry that you missed another 30p rise or whatever. A banked profit is a PROFIT!
8: Forget indecies!

Good luck!
I quite agree with Martins comments I have been trading CFD's with CMC for about 6 months. I must impress on people to keep your trading sizes small for a start better to have a spread of trades long and short instead of 1 big trade that can hit you hard. The nice thing about trading small amounts is is takes the fear out of trading in these volitile markets. If you are trading small with good stops them you can just go for it

Good luck

Thanks for your comment MX, I had an idea that you traded with CMC.

Trade4 free/GNI

Does anybody out there have good/bad experiences trading CFD's with trade4free and GNI-I am trying to make up my mind which to use because I like the idea of trading on-line.
Many thanks.