Case study appeal for shareholder rights


Dear T2W users:

I'm a financial journalist for Moneywise magazine and I am currently looking for some case studies to feature in my story on shareholder rights. I would like to hear from you if you hold shares (not via a nominee), regularly attend AGM's and know your rights as a shareholder.You will have your name, photo and your story (i.e. what shares you hold and the percentage, how long you've held them for, what you've objected to in the AGM's, whether you've called for an EGM, etc) published in the magazine. If you are happy to share your story (good or bad) then please contact me, my details are down below.


Angelique Ruzicka
Tel: 0207 715 8303
email: [email protected]
A little unfair Skim? Angelique needs the request to be seen in whichever forum might be occupied by people with a case to report - and there are several separate forums where that might be. T2W discussion zones are very fragmented, making it difficult for an outsider to know where best to post to catch the widest audience.

Moneywise Mag produces some ace articles of great use to traders/investors. I don't like wanton spamming, but I reckon her appeal deserves to reach an audience here. I believe this site was recommended to her by someone on advfn as having many knowledgeable and active traders/investors.

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Not unfair at all Purple Person. She started six separate threads, each containing the same message, AND also added two posts to existing threads.

So, as I had already deleted about 5 messages at that stage, I posted the above message.

Naturally, you wouldn't have been aware that 8 messages had been posted, but I wouldn't post a message as I did just to be awkward. It was precisely because she was from a magazine that she was spared the automatic spamming ban that every other spammer is awarded.

There is method in the madness, even if you can't always see it or know the background! :D