Cartridgeworld Refilled Inkjet Cartridges


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Just wondered if anyone has used them?Do they print as many pages,are they reliable or any problems?
I've seen those 'do it yourself refill packages in PC World but that seems alot of hassle.However,if anyone uses these feel free to give your experiences.
Never used Cartridgeworld, but would definitely recommend I have 2 Epson Printers, different models, and the compatable cartridges for both have been fine. Prompt delivery and good customer service.
Worth a look,
I've used do it yourself refills from Tesco's. I found they do work for a while but I've had problems on the 2nd/3rd refill. (HP PSC 1215 printer). I was thinking of Cartridgeworld next time.
I've refilled a laser cartridge (HP 1010) three times now from Cartridge World. Print quality is every bit as good as the original and the refills last just as long as the originals as far as I can tell.

I think they told me that you can refill 7-8 times before you need to buy a new one.
I have used compatibles on my epsom inkjet but the jets kept clogging. It also proved very expensive using epsom cartridges so I bit the bullet and bought a colour laser from oki thats been brilliant.

I use catridgeworld for my b/w fax machine and found them very good, I would say as good as the originals.