Cantor Index


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Tried asking the guys over on Motley Fool but felt like the invisible man... has anyone here had any experience (good/bad) of using Cantor Index for spread betting?
by the way, IGI are looking good for a short in my opinion.
The stock is in a downtrend and when the market turns there will be less custom as people start using their isas and peps again instead of spread betting.

I have been using Cantor for spread betting for a few months now in addition to IG.
I really like the ability to trade live on-line which is so much quicker than the telephone when you are short -term trading.
Have had a few problems with the live link from time to time and the site is a bit slow and fussy to load the live trading screen.
Also their spreads on some contracts are wider than IG so there is a bit of a trade off between speed and spread but I find I use them much more than I thought I would.