can't read the second page


I haven't come across anyone else so far to have this problem. What happens when you click on the "2" next to the tread on the forum page, or when you click "2" at the bottom of the thread page. Do you get a blank page, or is there an error message?


ps. Hope I haven't confused you by moving the thread to this forum.

My post has disappeared now. I just clicked on go to first unread post and saw your reply.

No Pigsy I dont get any error message. The NO 2 page is not highlighted.

Hi Iraj, sorry your having probs.

I'm a a bit confused.

Please bear with me on this one.. Is there a particular thread on a forum that goes over two pages, which you can't access? And if so, do you see where it says (Pages: 1 2 ) next to the thread title, does the '2' not link to the second page when you click on it, or when your in the thread itself and click on it.

Please let me know.

Cheers, Pigsy.